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Kids Program

At The Academy, children learn simple yet effective ways to deal with bullying, peer pressure and confidence issues.  Studies have shown that children who attend regular martial arts classes have more confidence and self-esteem than kids who do not and that directly improves their lifestyle at home and at school. The benefits that children receive at our school stay with them throughout their childhood and into adulthood. Children will develop strong integrity and a positive self-image that will help them reach their goals both in the martial arts and in life. At The Academy our Kids Program is divided into two seportate classes, the Kempo Kids Class and the Shaolin Warriors Class.

Building Young Leaders - Help "Bully Proof" Your Kids - Developing Etiquette

Kempo Kids

The Kempo Kids Class is for our youngest students ages 4-7. These young students get a 30-minute group class twice a week along with a  full hour class once a week where they can practice their martial arts skills while simultaneously working on building their confidence, exercising self-control, self-discipline as well as exercising and building great hand eye coordination and functional mobility.

   ​​​​Shaolin Warriors

The Shaolin Warriors Class is for our older kid students ages 8-13. The Shaolin Warriros get three, hour long group classes every week where they can practice their martial arts skills as well as exercising leadership skills, team building drills, exercise and functional mobility.

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